Relationships, Childhood and Family

Relationships, Childhood & Family

Relationships are central to our lives. Connections and attachments to others are part of what makes life worth living but also challenge us. Pain that we experienced as children can stay with us. Growing up is never easy. Our lives are imperfect and disappointments in our relationships with parents and families shape and influence us. Not being supported or loved in the way we needed is never easy.

Bullying, break-ups, divorce, and grief complicate the already difficult job of growing up. As we grow and develop our lives, academic, career and personal challenges continue. Our identities change around each of these complications and effect our choices in attaching to partners, relationships and work.

Sometimes the way we talk to ourselves is patterned on past influences that were harsh, unkind or even abusive. Moving away from old labels assigned by our teachers or families can be helpful and needed as we look to grow beyond antiquated ideas that were not a true reflection of who we are (even if we worried if it was true).

Worrying about being good enough, pleasing others and fitting in does not truly serve us and is typically rooted in past relationships. Discovering what you want is a part of our work, as well as saying no and setting healthy boundaries with others.

Our work can help you to move forward in building a healthier relationship with yourself and others. In learning more about yourself and what makes you tick, you will communicate more effectively with others and your partner. All relationships involve stress; couples disagree and fight. In understanding yourself and old defenses, you can learn how to fight fair and effectively. Looking into the past and understanding it can allow you to move forward to create the relationships you desire.

Our childhoods shape us and influence us throughout our lives.

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