Medical, Emotional and Sexual Trauma

Medical, Emotional and Sexual Trauma

Have you ever tried to talk yourself out of having a reaction to difficult experiences in the past? Or tried burying it but it just keeps coming up and seeps into your mind and fuels emotional responses even when you are trying so hard to move on?

Maybe you’re having a hard time getting over a terrible accident or ongoing medical crisis? Or perhaps the difficulty becoming pregnant, miscarriage, birth of your child and perinatal challenges? Or the challenges of trying to integrate sadness and grief as you deal with the death of a loved one. 

Sadly, sexual trauma continues to be very common but still people struggle with feeling isolated in the aftermath and struggle to move forward. People who have dealt with physical and medical trauma can sometimes guilt trip themselves for having emotional reactions after surviving circumstances or relationships that were nightmarish.

Survivors often minimize their experiences in an effort to normalize them. They say things like “Hey, I survived and turned out okay.” or “I know other people had it much worse than me.”  Living through difficult events can cause internal damage and eats away at emotional health year after year. This can show up as sadness, anxiety, headaches or physical symptoms, OCD, and difficulty connecting to others in a healthy way.

While our responses may have been effective at keeping us safe during the original trauma incidents, in the present day, they’re often no longer helpful or necessary. These responses can stand in the way of you having the life you want.

I help people deal with these past experiences so you won’t feel weighted down by the past or be triggered in your daily life. Personally, I think of therapy as a dumping ground and a gym. Dropping the pain is not enough. Building self-confidence, coping skills and inner resources can help you change your life and move forward in the new directions you want.

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