Trauma therapy for Teens

You’ve been through a lot. Some real difficult times or even horrible stuff. Maybe you have been able to share it with a few others or maybe you are holding it all in, thinking that by holding it all in that you might be able to protect yourself from it getting worse. You may even try to convince yourself that you are lucky and fortunate so the pain you feel doesn’t count. You tried to convince yourself that because it is in the past that it isn’t hurting you anymore but it doesn’t feel true. You may sometimes give off an attitude that you don’t care but you do.

School may feel a lot harder. Your grades may have slipped and sometimes even paying attention in class feels impossible. Or you may hyper focus on school to feel better and in charge. Having fun with your friends feels more like a distant memory than something that happens regularly now. You worry about more terrible things that could happen. A good night’s sleep feels out of reach even though you feel like you could use a good nap most days. Things you used to enjoy (sports, art, fun pastimes) seem to be less interesting and ultimately, you don’t feel like yourself anymore. Self-criticism and negative thinking about yourself and life are way to present. We can work on changing that.

I would like to help you feel better about yourself, your past, and where you want to go. I’ve worked with a lot of teens and young adults that have had some really terrible and hard things happen to them. Whether it was trauma from an accident, bullying, physical or sexual abuse, grief from a traumatic death or ongoing emotional stress that isn’t changing. Feeling better is possible.

Trauma therapy isn’t easy but you and your life are worth it. In addition to shedding intrusive thoughts and feelings about trauma, we can work on building your self-confidence and self-esteem so that your life feels a whole lot better. 

Let’s work together to resolve the past so that you can more into your next phase of life with hope and energy.

What's next?

You deserve to feel good enough every day