Trauma therapy for Adults

You’ve been struggling about what has happened in the past and it hasn’t been getting better. Sometimes it feels like sleep will never be easy or the painful memories, triggers and bad dreams will not stop. Intrusive thoughts or flashbacks can occur unexpectedly. You’re feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. Connecting with coworkers, friends or a partner continues to be uncomfortable and challenging.

Trying to cope with the past has been difficult. Binging on a tv show can fill the time but it doesn’t help you feel better. Maybe you’re getting hyper focused on work or trying to avoid it; people in your life may have commented on you seeming more withdrawn but it is hard to share with them what is really going on. Maybe they see anger and frustration but they don’t know how deep the pain goes on the inside. Drugs and alcohol may have been used to try to ease the pain or simply get a good night sleep.

Sometimes you worry that you will never be truly “over it” and you feel like you have tried for a long time to feel better and be okay. You feel really stuck and it feels hard to even hope that your life is going to feel really good again.

Trauma does not discriminate. Letting go of pain, sadness, or unhealthy patterns are not simply a choice. Strategizing and logically trying to think your way out of it is not enough. Pushing through it does not really work to help you feel better.

This is where I can help. I specialize in helping people to move forward and let go of past traumas to feel better. I’ve helped people deal with physical abuse, accidents, sexual trauma, and traumatic deaths. Pain that you carry from childhood, adolescent and past experiences can change and recede. You deserve to feel good about yourself and build the life you want. Being able to laugh again, relax and grow in confidence and self-esteem is possible and I would love to help you get there.

What's next?

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