Sports & Creative

EMDR and Brainspotting: Sports Performance Trauma Therapy and Creative Enhancement

Past distressing or traumatic experiences can have a negative effect on performance whether it is sports or creative in nature. Classic talk therapy often falls short in helping an athlete or performer rid themselves of these negative effects and reach their maximum potential.

Since Brainspotting is a brain/body based treatment, it allows clients to process their own trauma (inhibiting anxiety, injury, negative self image), or a secondary trauma (witness an injury or accident in a game or performance), while also untangling the thoughts and beliefs attached to the trauma. This leads to relief from the distress/ trauma that creates negative effects and “blocks” that athletes, musicians, actors, and public speakers, may experience during their creative lifetimes.

After successful treatment, the client can regain the sense of flow and mastery of performance that they desire.

If you are interested in what Brainspotting can do for you, please contact me for a free 10 minute consultation.