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My professional interest in supporting couples began with the specialization of my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, expanded with my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, and has grown to include more than fifteen years as a therapist. All of this experience has given me a deep appreciation of the changes, challenges, and difficulties that couples face. The many demands of modern life can pull apart couples who are struggling with competing demands of their professional lives, various roles they perform, and for many, the hard work of raising children. 

Many couples aim to break through unfulfilling patterns, to grow their understanding of each other, to offer and accept forgiveness for past mistakes, or  to feel greater connection and happiness together. I help couples move forward together by creating a new, more fulfilling way of thinking and a stronger feeling of closeness. 

Couples Deep Dive Option

Many couples find that they have too much to cover in the first session and want to dive into therapy as quickly as possible. For couples new to counseling, this option gives you an opportunity to have the first 3 sessions — a Couples Session and 2 Individual Sessions — in one 2.5-hour meeting.

First 30 Minutes

You and your partner together

30 Minutes

You, individual session

30 Minutes

Your partner, individual session

Last 60 Minutes

You and your partner together

2.5 Hours

Totaly Session

Call for a 15 minute consultation. 781-223-5659

Dr. Tim Ridge