Anxiety / Depression / trauma

Whether it is emotional or physical abuse, neglect as a child, witnessing a tragedy, grief, car accident, or pain/emotional distress from the past that drains your energy or triggers an emotional response, all of us have dealt with trauma in some way. 

Trauma survivors often minimize their experiences in an effort to normalize them. They say things like “Hey, I survived and turned out okay.” or “I know other people had it much worse than me.”  Living through difficult events can cause damage that is internal and eats away at emotional health year after year. This damage may show up as depression, anxiety, headaches or other physical symptoms, OCD, and difficulty connecting to others in a healthy way. While our responses may have been very effective at keeping us safe during the original trauma incidents, in the present day they’re often no longer helpful or appropriate or unnecessary now.

I help people process (deal with) old experiences so they won’t be triggered by similar situations in their daily life. The work we do requires no medication; it works more quickly than typical talk therapy; and the results are lasting.

I provide short and long-term psychotherapy for kids, teens, adults, couples and families. I have experience over a range of patients including individuals coping with life transitions, parenting struggles, substance abuse, elderly, service members, veterans and the families that support these concerns.

With training in family systems therapy (relationship focused), psychodynamic therapy (insight focused), and cognitive-behavioral therapy (skill building focused), I strive to integrate and merge different perspectives to tailor each treatment to the needs of the individual client. My approach is collaborative and non-judgmental. I concentrate on helping people deal with personal and professional challenges, work to understand past and present influences, and focus on future directions. Developing coping skills, identifying personal strengths, building self-esteem, and highlighting resources are essential tasks for all of us.

When the individual circumstance has called for collaborative support between client, therapist, family, school, primary care physician, or other relevant auxiliary professionals, I welcome and appreciate a team approach to therapy. I value, trust and maintain privacy and confidentiality.

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Dr. Tim Ridge